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GMB has fought Uber tooth and nail in the courts, the workplace and on the international stage to bring about this change. [...]
'No Need For Water Quota'
Privatised water companies have failed to look at the big picture of storing water that falls from the sky and moving it where it’s needed says GMB. [...]
Being £900 worse off might not seem a lot to Tory cabinet ministers but for many people it pays for a family’s summer holiday says GMB [...]
100 M&S Stores To Close
This is a sad reflection on the flat-lining economy and continued slump in consumer purchasing says GMB [...]
End Wage Discrimination
We don’t all live at home with our parents eating smashed avocado on toast – many of us have housing costs to pay for and some work two jobs just to make ends meet say GMB young members. [...]
£13 Billion Nuke Pledge
GMB welcomes this positive step forward by the Government to facilitate a much needed new nuclear reactor in Wales. [...]
GMB supports serious and meaningful discussion on how shale gas should support the UK's short and medium term energy needs. [...]
Tata Steel Pension Surplus
Statement from the National Trade Union Steel Coordinating Committee: [...]
What have the Conservatives got against the UK shipbuilding industry, asks GMB? [...]
We have answered the call from players expressing their concerns that they don't have a strong enough influence within the game says GMB. [...]

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National News
  • GMB Responds To NHS Funding Report
    NHS funding hasn't kept pace with inflation and the health service has been chronically short changed by the Conservatives says GMB. […]